Liquid Bridge Plug Vermilion

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Well Information

Operator: Chevron
Location: Vermilion 31


The Operator wanted to seal a leaking packer in an offshore production well without the use of a rig, due to availability and pricing. Engineering wanted a fluid that would fall through seawater in the vertical 7 X 3 ½”annulus. The fluid required an extended set time, so it would maintain its properties and form an effective seal.


Liquid Bridge Plug®

A special formulation of Liquid Bridge Plug® was designed with additional density to increase the settling rate. After mixing 168 gallons of Liquid Bridge Plug®, the resin sealant was loaded into the annulus and chased with 9 bbls of seawater.

The well was shut in and for 14 hours the resin sealant fell through the seawater and settled on top of the leaking packer.


After a 24 hour cure time the Liquid Bridge Plug® was tested to 1,000 psi for 30 minutes with no recorded pressure losses. 

The Operator was pleased with the total operation and that a rig-less operation had been performed that saved thousands of dollars in rig time not to mention any lost production waiting on a rig.